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Questions Frequently Asked


What locations do you regularly Visit to put on trunk shows?

We are located in New York. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut residents are able to make appointments at anytime. In addition to hosting several trunk shows at the Affinia Gardens Hotel on the Upper East Sode, we can also come directly to your home or hotel (if visiting NYC). We also regularly visit: Boston, Washington DC , Pittsburg, Dallas, Palm Beach, San Antonio, Austin, Miami, Houston, Fort Lauderdale and more. If your city isn’t listed contact us and we can discuss a visit. 

What kind of Couture clothes do you specialize in?

Our clothing ranges from casual to very formal. We started our business in 1993 making only knit suits with silk blouses and skirts. As time went on, our customers were looking for more options. We began making cut and sewn jackets made from cotton, silk, and light weight wool.

Can I really customize the wardrobe?

The range of options we offer can be a little overwhelming for our first time clients. Very soon they discover that they love the options available to create something truly unique. While we do present a line at the trunk show you are only limited by your imagination. We have many options as far as color, fabric and details. For example, a knit jacket can be designed in your choice of numerous colors and styles. Also while most of our samples are shown as sets made up of jackets, blouses, pants, or skirts, the customer can buy only the parts she wants. 

Where do you get your fabrics from?

Having been in the couture business for over 30 years we have access to and use only the finest materials. Our silks and cotton are handwoven in Italy and France. Our Gabardine and Crepe Wools are sourced from London, England and our knit yarn comes from Japan and England. All of our clothes are hand made in New York!

What should I expect during my appointment?

When you enter the trunk show for your appointment we will have samples of that seasons collection as well as swatches of our newest fabrics. Once you find a style or styles that you like we present additional swatches so you can decide on what options and details you would like. Quite often, for example, the changes may be as simple a just changing the buttons from gold to black. Then we take your measurements to ensure the best fit. Once we return to our New York City studio our talented knitters begin creating your custom wardrobe with an attention to detail that off the rack clothes lack. 

What is the timeframe between the appointment and having the finished product?

After you place your order we return with your garments about 4-6 weeks later for fittings. More often than not, this does not require any further alterations. However, if it does, we bring the garment back to New York to make any alterations and ship the finished product back to you ASAP within a week. We make a pattern for each new customer. If there are any alterations then your pattern is also updated. This improves the fit and delivery time for any future orders.

If you have a special event you need the outfit for we are happy to give it extra priority to get it sent to you in time. 

Where are the clothes made?

Our clothing is made in NYC by the same knitters and seamstress that Adolfo employed. 

How Much Does CA New York Couture clothing cost?

Our prices can vary greatly depending on the cost of fabrics and the detail of the garments. As a reference our knit jackets start at $1,200 and our suits start at $2,400.